Best Free Apps To Learn Coding And Programming

Free Programming Apps

Since community quarantine took effect across the globe, people sought different indoor activities to make good use of their time while locked inside their homes. For beginners in programming, this can be the best time to get coding using free-to-install apps.

Today, we will be listing four of the best apps to learn programming that you can easily and freely install on your mobile device.

     - SoloLearn is a highly recommendable app, with Editor's Choice being rewarded to it by Google Play. After every lesson on SoloLearn, quizzes are conducted to assess your knowledge about the topic. It also has an in-app mobile coding editor where you can run, save, and share your coding progress without having to install anything else. SoloLearn offers lessons on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, Java, Kotlin, Python, C++, C, C#, PHP, and many more. Additionally, SoloLearn PRO, a premium subscription to the app, provides for ad-free experience with continuously developing features.

     - Editor's Choice and Best of the Best 2017 are just some of the app's recognitions along with being supported by Google launchpad accelerator. Apart from its programming courses, over 5000 programs are available on the platform which makes Programming Hub easily one of the largest collection of pre-compiled programs. The app offers lessons about HTML, Python, Swift, JavaScript, C, C++, C#, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, R Programming, Assembly 8086 and other programming languages. More recently, they've updated the app with significant improvements on design.  And even though it's free, Programming Hub provides premium access to its PRO account which features offline and unlimited access to lessons.

     - The app features an easy-to-navigate platform wherein one can learn JavaScript in at least five minutes of use every day. Grasshopper offers fun puzzles and real-time feedback that will guide you through learning and has a simple design which makes learning easier and much more efficient.

     - Enki, an award-winning educational app, has earned over a million downloads on Google Play. During its release, it only offered topics on Java, JavaScript, CSS, GIT, and Linux. But now, they are exploring and introducing extensive learning regarding subjects like SQL, Data Science, Blockchain, Computer Science and more.

Youth, as the future professionals of this generation, is becoming more and more digitally-driven. With coding becoming one of the more required skills in the industry, whichever that maybe. Aspiring programmers wanting to learn and explore more on programming languages can additionally download Dcoder for free on Google Play. The app supports languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, HTML, and many more. It also is among the fastest code compilers available in the market.
So start learning and coding with these free programming apps now.

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