Duolingo: Learn A Language For Free


To learn a language is great but to master it is a different story.

People rely mostly on language to communicate with others. Growing up, we were taught at home and in school on how to properly use words in our native language or dialect while also introducing us to foreign languages such as English or Spanish. While most people can speak or write 2 to 3 languages, including their native tongue, there are some who struggle with just one.

One of the best ways to learn and master a language is through constant reading and practice. And that is where Duolingo comes in. Duolingo enables people to learn a language by making their platform free to use, universally accessible and fun. There are plenty and different language courses available through their website and app including Chinese, French and more. Students may also learn with flashcards through Tinycards by Duolingo.

To sign up and start learning a new language, visit the page here.

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