With the COVID-19 crisis that's going on around us, it's best to stay fit and healthy. And by healthy, not only do we mean of our body but also of our mind. Many things can be done to have a healthy, sharp and active mind in times like this. Among those are doing chores that would require you to think, reading books and writing compositions, and of course, learning a thing or two. Whether it's a refresher course of something you already know about or a new lesson, it sure is great to have something to read and keep your mind busy this quarantine.

Online courses abound the internet and many more are provided by lecturers on different platforms. Udemy, a leading global marketplace for learning and instruction, is among those plenty that offer free and paid online courses. What's great about Udemy is that signing up and enrolling for courses on their platform is as easy as 1-2-3. The only thing needed for you to do is to choose the courses relevant and are of interest to you. Whether you're trying to improve your skills for a job or hobby, or whether it's for your personal interests only, Udemy's aim is to connect students with the best instructors in the world. Businesses who might want to upskill their workforce may also sign up for courses on Udemy to get virtual training and more for their employees.

Start learning courses about Business, IT & Software, Personal Development, Design, Marketing, Health & Fitness and more for free on Udemy.

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