Make Your Resume Stand Out With These Free Tips

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Whether you are applying for work or are looking for an internship, one thing's for sure - you'll be needing a resume.

As a Human Resource (HR) practitioner, I’ve seen thousands of resumes. And just by looking at them, I can assure you that some can make it to the top of the pile.

With that, the following are tips on how to improve your resume and make it stand out.
1. Keep It Short
     - HR people don’t usually have the luxury of time to read everything on your resume during the first screening. The layout you use can help in keeping your resume short. Maximize the space but don’t make it too crowded. Use font styles and sizes that are easy to read. Personally, I prefer Calibri, Arial or other fonts with “no tails”.
2. Use Icons
     - Icons are perfect in saving space and adding some elements to your resume. Instead of putting the words Gmail, LinkedIn, Mobile Number, etc., you can simply put the corresponding icons for these words.

3. Avoid Using Charts or Point Scales To Show Your Skills
     - To simplify, these are inaccurate representation of your skills. Each skill has it's own distinct level of difficulty and should not be compared with one another.

4. List Your Skills and Experiences Using Bullets
     - Tell the company of what you can offer in a way that is easy to read. Start each skill with an action word and be specific.

5. Include Your LinkedIn Profile
     - LinkedIn is where you can include more of your professional information that could likewise be omitted from your resume.

6. Take Off Your Photo

     - Let your skills and experience speak for you. Taking off your photo helps in minimizing printing costs too.

7. Remove Unnecessary Personal Information

     - Personal data such as age, birthday, place of birth, civil status, and religion are not needed and are often times overlooked at.

8. Character References

     - Character references, though ideal, may not help you get the job in certain cases. HR personnel would rather request that you provide recommendations from former colleagues through LinkedIn.

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