Useful Features For Note-Taking In Google Keep

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Along with the many services that Google offers such as Google Search, Google Drive and Gmail, Google Keep is among those that people can use for work and daily note-taking. Listed are the useful features that make Google Keep one of the best note-taking services and apps available on web, Android and iOS.

1. Labels

     - While most note-taking apps have color-coding features, Google Keep tops it up a notch with labels. With this, you can label your notes to categorize them accordingly. Whether it's for personal, work-related, or a list of recipes, you can easily organize your notes with labels in Google Keep.

2. Reminder

     - Google Keep is perfect for your to-do lists because of its ‘reminder’ feature which allows you to set a date, time, or even a place to make sure that you accomplish your checklist whenever and wherever you are.

3. Voice Memo

     - If you want a quicker way to take note of your ideas or thoughts, you can use your voice to record and have Google Keep transcribe it for you.

4. Export To Google Docs

     - Got an idea about your work presentation or homework? Don’t let it slip off your mind. Jot it down with Google Keep, then transfer it to Google Docs later to add more details.


     - With Google Keep, collaboration is made easy and much simpler as you can take notes with your family or colleague. Other people can also work with your note by simply adding their email as collaborators.

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