Make Browsing Faster For Free is a free DNS (Domain Name System) service created by Cloudflare, and can be used right now for free by changing your DNS server to “” on your Ethernet settings.

Changing your DNS server to “” makes your browsing a little faster and snappier by reducing internet traffic on the website that you are surfing on. This can also be used as private internet access to prevent your ISP (Internet Service Provider) from seeing every site and app that you use — even if they’re encrypted. Some providers sell this data or use it to target you with ads.

Using Cloudflare’s app, you have the option to pay for WARP+, which sends all of your internet traffic over the same optimized internet route, making thousands of websites 30% faster than average.

Enjoy fast, private, and reliable internet access with by Cloudflare. It’s available now on both Android and iOS and will soon be available on even more devices including Windows PC and macOS.

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