Affordable Virtual Card For Your Next Online Transactions

Virtual Card

Nowadays, online transactions tend to be more convenient for most people as compared to purchasing items in-store. With credit cards being the more preferred method for online transactions.

Typically, getting a credit card can be tiresome with all these requirements needed. However, with PayMaya, you get to have your own virtual credit card for only 100 Pesos. Needed only is for you to register an account with PayMaya and have your account upgraded. Then, add at least 100 Pesos to your PayMaya account for you to view the virtual card.

This virtual credit card can be used for your online transactions including online shopping and subscription fees for the likes of Netflix.

PayMaya’s virtual card is powered by Visa and is being regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. So you know that it’s secure and safe for your online use.

To know more, follow the quick guide set by PayMaya here.

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