Alarmy: Alarm Clock For Your Morning


Waking up early has always been the constant struggle of most, if not all, people. This is why alarm clocks were made. However, these may not be enough for some. More often than not, you end up snoozing your alarm over and over again, or directly dismissing it off. What’s worst is that some individuals end up oversleeping because they didn't hear the alarm at all. 

So this article is for everyone who's battling to wake up early everyday.

Alarmy is an app that allows you to program your alarm with a corresponding mission. What's the catch? The alarm will not stop unless you have completed the mission given.

Basic missions include shaking your phone as many times as possible or even typing long sentences. There are missions where you'll need to use your brain such as solving basic math problems. Easy as they may seem, these missions are quite challenging especially if you only have one eye open. Then there are stronger missions that are designed for you to get out of your bed. You either take a picture of a place in your house or you walk until you reach a certain number of steps. Alarmy also has a loud mission alarm and has a nifty feature for checking if you really are already awake. 

Alarmy is available for download on both Android and iOS.

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